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Dr. Bixler has been engaged in clinical practice in a variety of mental health settings since 1978.   He is a North Carolina Licensed Psychologist and North Carolina Certified Health Services Provider.  In addition, he has been listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology since 1983.    His doctorate in clinical psychology and master’s degree in theology were earned  from the Fuller Seminary Graduate School of Psychology.   He received his B.A. in anthropology from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Following graduation he served at Philhaven, a private Christian psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania.  Thereafter, he spent five years at a community counseling center in Oklahoma City.  From 1987 to 2012 Dr. Bixler had a  private practice in Manassas, VA  where he  engaged in individual and couple counseling, writing, teaching, consultation, and seminars.  His wife, Robbin, and he moved to North Carolina in 2012 to live closer to two daughters and three grandchildren who live in the Triangle area.  They have been married for over forty years and enjoy hiking, movies, and travel.

He is a member of the Virginia Psychological Association, North Carolina Psychological Association, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and American Association of Christian Counselors.

Having engaged in counseling and psychotherapy for over three decades, Dr. Bixler has a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide variety of individual and couple issues.  His areas of clinical interest and concern include depression, anxiety disorders (such as phobias, OCD, panic attacks, and phobias), marital/couple dysfunction, adult incest survivors, ACOA, co-dependency, adult ADD, pastoral burnout, and spiritual issues.  He is very open to Faith-based counseling for those who desire it, and has received specialized training in addressing and integrating  spiritual and psychological issues.  He is equally open to address psychological and emotional issues with those who do not have a desire to address spiritual concerns.

In addition, Dr. Bixler has a special interest in treating sex addiction behavior.  He has received training from Dr. Patrick Carnes, one of the foremost experts on sex addiction in the U.S.  This is a problem which is little talked about and greatly misunderstood by many.    He  is committed to helping those in the tentacle-grips of this compulsion, as well as their  families (spouses and children), who have been severely impacted and damaged by the addict’s destructive behaviors.

–Whatever issues or problems you’re struggling with we would love to help move you toward a greater sense of peace, happiness, and wholeness.–Dr. Bixler









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